The ultimate social media display for events.

CrowdScreen gives you the power to display 100% moderated social media interactions on screens at your event. Upload custom backgrounds, create multiple displays and even receive private messages via our web app.


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Social Slideshow

CrowdScreen is specifically designed for big screens. It showcases your audience’s interactions in a big and bold layout, as part of an interactive slideshow experience. You can even add full screen slides as part of your content mix to highlight sponsors or act as calls to action.

What’s great is that you can change any of this, from anywhere - instantly, without bringing down the display.

Social Media & Moderation

Use CrowdScreen to grow your event’s social media reach by encouraging your audience to send photos and text interactions via Instagram and Twitter. Content is aggregated via hashtags and delivered to you in our easy to use web app.

From here you can review and moderate all the messages and media, and choose to send it to the screen or hide it. You can even mark your favourite interactions, making it easier to search post event.

Private Messaging

Don’t want to use social media at your event? No problem. You can now collect messages via our branded web app - which your audience can access by scanning a QR code or clicking a link.

Our private web app brings an inclusivity to your event, with a feeling of freedom to post. It’s also great for internal events, where posting on social is not encouraged.

Multiple Screens

Creating multiple display screens with CrowdScreen is truly unique.

Imagine a music festival where every stage has a screen. With CrowdScreen every screen can look bespoke to each stage, displaying different mixes of content at each location. If you needed to place 3 full screen slides on the rock stage and 5 on the dance stage - it’s simple.

But, what’s cool is, they are all drawing from the same moderation and you can change any stage’s content from anywhere - just by logging into your CrowdScreen account.


CrowdApps is used at award ceremonies, conferences and experiential events. Our clients love the flexibility and reliability of CrowdScreen and return time and time again.

Case Study - F1 Paddock Club

CrowdScreen was used to display private and social media interactions at F1 Paddock Clubs around the world, for over 6 years. It was integrated as a source to provide a varied mix of content for the in-house AV team. It was also used trackside and in the drivers cool down room, seen on TV after every race.

Over the years CrowdScreen displayed messages from millions of F1 fans.