Simplify lead capture with smart badge printing and scanning.

CrowdBadge is simple and accessible badging tool that allows event management teams and exhibitors to effortless print, scan and capture leads.


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On-site badge printing

With CrowdBadge, registering attendees as they arrive is a breeze. The platform enables you to effortlessly print physical badges, complete with unique QR codes, on-site. This feature ensures that even last-minute attendees are fully integrated into your event, contributing to a seamless and professional experience for all involved.

Universal badge scanner

CrowdBadge offers exhibitors and attendees an intuitive, user-friendly badge scanner that works flawlessly on all devices, with no download required. This enables exhibitors to engage more freely with attendees, knowing that capturing important lead information is always just a quick, effortless scan away.

Pre-event QR code emails

Before the event begins, CrowdBadge allows you to send unique, scannable QR codes to attendees via email. This proactive approach not only streamlines the check-in process but also sets a professional and organized tone for your event. Attendees arrive prepared, reducing lines and wait times, and making a strong first impression.

Personal contact book

Say goodbye to stacks of business cards and cluttered spreadsheets. CrowdBadge collects and organizes all scanned leads directly within a personal contact book in the app. This feature allows exhibitors and sales teams to focus on meaningful interactions, knowing that valuable contact information is being securely and systematically stored for easy follow-up after the event.